At Creative Identity, we offer year-round education and mentoring in music performance through our onsite, community, and in-home Music Therapy Programs. Using music as a tool to stimulate multiple sensory systems, including the tactile, proprioceptive, visual, and auditory systems, we are able to engage students and target important skill areas necessary for everyday living. By offering the option for students to develop and enhance their natural talents and skills onsite and practice implementing these skills in the community, creative potentials and personal skills are developed, and students take on a more active role in demonstrating that they are, in fact, creative and contributing members of society. 

Onsite Music Therapy Program

Our Onsite Music Therapy Program operates Monday through Friday from 9:00AM to 3:00PM in Anaheim, California. Education and mentoring in musical performance is offered in a low stress, therapeutic environment by our professionally trained music therapists. Up to 60 music classes are offered each week in cello, violin, guitar, bass, dulcimer, piano, percussion, choir, and song writing. Depending on the needs of the student, classes are offered on an individual basis or at a small group 4:1 student to instructor ratio. Through this program, students have the benefit of developing skills in musical performance as well as opportunities to interact and develop meaningful friendships with other students in the program. Additionally, students learn to work together collaboratively, attend to detail, and to take pride in their accomplishments. 

Community Music Therapy Program

Our Community Music Therapy Program provides students the opportunity to further develop skill areas through interactions in the community. At least two weekends out of the year, students attending the Onsite Music Therapy Program come together to perform a summer and winter community concert, showcasing their skills, talents, and musical progress. Additional opportunities to perform concerts at events in Orange County are offered throughout the year. 

In-Home Music Therapy Program

At Creative Identity, we understand the importance of conducting therapy in the student’s most natural environment, the home. Through our In-Home Music Therapy Program, our music therapists bring the gift of music into your very own home. This program is available to children and adults living in Orange County.