To improve the lives and societal perceptions of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities by providing therapeutic and educational interventions that cultivate personal and social responsibilities, pre-vocational skills, independence, and creative potentials.


We envision a supportive and integrated community where individuals with developmental disabilities are valued and accepted as creative and contributing members of society.


Individualized and client-centered services - We recognize that each individual is unique. We tailor our services and use a client-centered approach to ensure that the unique needs of our students are met.

Honesty and trust - At Creative Identity, we place high value on honesty and trust between our instructors, students, and their families. We foster honesty and trust within the organization by communicating with openness, honesty, and integrity.

Safe and supportive environment - We understand the impact that the environment has on everyday functioning. We make every effort to provide a safe, enriching, and supportive environment by adapting and modifying instruction and interventions to fit the individual needs of our students.

Creativity - At Creative Identity, we recognize that all individuals have different needs and interests. Therefore, all instructors and students are encouraged to share new ideas and develop and implement innovative approaches.

Diversity - We are an organization that welcomes, embraces, and values diversity amongst our instructors, volunteers, students, and their families.