Creative Identity Art Instructor Job Description

Job Title: Art Instructor                                              

Department: Art & Ceramics/Art Works                  

Status: Employee or Contractor

Accountability: Instructor reports to the Executive Director, and the Program Director.

Job Summary: The art instructor will prepare lesson plans for various client levels and conduct art-based classes that provide an opportunity for clients to achieve their goals and objectives and develop their creative skills. The instructor will guide the clients with their work and provide opportunities for them to do as much as they are able for themselves, thereby fostering their independence. The art instructor will plan, organize product, and assist clients at craft fairs, set up and facilitate special events, and annual winter and summer concerts.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Create curriculum in response to inter-departmental collaboration and/or in response to program director requests.

  • Instruction of designated and approved curriculum.

  • Attend all staff meetings, rehearsals and concerts, and take an active role during these functions.

  • Follow all Creative Identity procedures in the timely documentation of services, including but not limited to: client daily documentation, monthly client summaries, Special Incidents Reports, client seizure records, requests for funds or time off documentation, etc.

  • Inform all directors of noteworthy observations regarding any client’s health or safety concerns, progress or challenges needing attention, and also contribute suggestions for client goals and objectives (for Individual Service Plan or ISP) based on instructor’s best assessment.

  • Advocate for clients whenever appropriate and necessary.

  • Maintain a safe working area environment for clients and staff.

  • Follow protocol and assist in all aspects of the program, including, but not limited to: being prepared for classes before their scheduled start time, organizing clients for morning stretching class and assisting them in participating, following class schedule, completing client progress updates and documentation, implementing timely class clean-up/break-down times utilizing client assistance), and overseeing proper care and storage of all supplies and client work.

  • Monitor general supervision of clients.

  • Plan classes within program budget, and instructor is responsible for art inventory maintenance and documentation; including client art productions for art shows/craft fairs, special events, and concerts.

  • Plan and coordinate art/craft show bookings and follow up confirmations; arrange appropriate staff and client attendance with transportation staff; attend to aspects of presenting client art, processing sales/donations, upkeep of inventories and related documentation.

  • Represent Creative Identity, its program, clients, and staff in a professional and promoting manner: at program events, in community contact with other businesses or persons, and in any interactions with parents/caregivers/agency representatives.

  • Provide direction/guidance to program aides, interns, fieldwork students, and volunteers as needed.

  • On-going development of marketable products by clients.

  • Dependable and on-time attendance on scheduled days, and timely notification (by 7:00 am of scheduled day) of absence due to illness.

  • Perform other related duties as required and/or assigned, especially with regards to serving the needs of the clients, including transportation of clients.

Inter-Relationships: Instructor will maintain appropriate direct contact with clients and Creative Identity staff, as well as some contact with client family/support circle members.

Skills and Educational Requirements: Instructors must have the ability to perform all job duties as assigned; effectively, and appropriately deal with client behavior issues; be able to lift 25 lbs.; and communicate appropriately verbally and in writing. Instructor must have expertise, a degree, or certificate in area of instruction, or be actively undergoing art training and continuing education as specified by the Executive Director. Having experience with developmentally disabled populations is desirable.

Working Conditions: Instructor must use own vehicle for traveling to and from the program, shows and events. Instructor will be required to work occasional weekends and overtime. Instructor must be able to meet flexible schedule and be open to all assignments. Instructor understands that employment is an at-will situation as determined in the employee handbook.